The decisive aim of TRANSBOSPHOR, the agency service for portals and terminals, is to bring a high quality service which fits in the highest universal standards in navigation and sea transport fields.

When it comes to racing against time, nobody has the ability to win that race but us.

TRANSBOSPHOR is a very experienced tanker agency company. We ship tankers since 1989. At the ports of Turkey, Bosphorus and Dardanelles, we ship more than 900 tankers in a year.

Because tanker agency service needs a very short but too complicated operation we believe it's so much different than the other ship agency branches and we guarantee an expert team.

We are ready to serve you and want to be your agency;

In accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, we provide a complete, atimely service and cooperation with terminals and refineries in Turkey. Financial power ensures an instant process with the order of ship renters or owners.

TRANSBOSPHOR has the ability to invest millions of money before funds are transferred when a ship comes earlier than expected.

TRANSBOSPHOR has the experience of designing and developing high standard tankers.

TRANSBOSPHOR is waiting to serve you if you are looking for an excellent agency in Turkey.

Leave the tanker business to the professionals and enjoy the free interviews.

TRANSOSPHOR | Shipping Agency